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We have been passionately delivering customized business solutions that help organizations accelerate revenue growth, increase market penetration, optimize operating costs and improve employee productivity, by embedding communication in their business


With the adoption of IT applications, the LAN requirements of IT providers have ballooned over the past few years. Moreover, some applications involving high-resolution video sharing and collaboration need a robust network and LAN.


Organizations today need to anticipate their business needs and constantly evolve Software Product Development. Yang Khor Software Services begins with thorough understanding and analyses of requirements.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Every business today needs to incorporate technology to upscale, perform and even to exist. An investment towards good IT infrastructure will give you good results, and an investment towards great IT infrastructure will give you great results. It’s as simple as that.

Design Solutions

A good design and a good branding gives your business the value to perform. Branding has its advantages.


We provide Support & Maintenance Forward looking and driven organizations leverage technology to operate. It is absolutely essential to have services up and running at all times. Maintaining and managing various hardware, software, database and networks can be a challenging task for most organizations.

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